How to write a text value into an XUI document

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Keith Berard shows the importance of the "text node"
Last Updated: 2006-06-18

Hmm, I'm guessing the issues is that you're not creating a text node as the first child under the parent? Here's a working example in C#. In this case, the xuiTextBox is set to a <textbox> xui node.

private void SetDisplayText(string text, string textBoxId) {

  Epic.IDOMElement xuiTextBox = xuiDoc.GetElementById(textBoxId);

  if (xuiTextBox != null) {
    if (xuiTextBox.FirstChild == null) {
    Epic.IDOMElement valNode = (Epic.IDOMElement) xuiTextBox.FirstChild;
    if (valNode.FirstChild != null) {

Also, retrieving the value is accomplished as follows:

private string GetTextboxValue(Epic.IDOMElement textBox) {
  if (textBox != null && textBox.FirstChild != null) {
    Epic.IDOMNode valNode = textBox.FirstChild;
    if (valNode.FirstChild != null) { 
      return valNode.FirstChild.NodeValue.ToString();
  return null;

Sorry for the c#. It should convert to java pretty easily however. (I'm also being extra careful to avoid nulls, which may or may not be necessary)

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